Colorado Property Mgmt. Co Home Realty & Management Evicts US Army Veteran during COVID-19 Pandemic

Colorado Property Manager Mike Giallanza  Could Face Criminal Charges

Colorado Property Mgmt. Co Home Realty & Management Evicts US Army Veteran during COVID-19 Pandemic, Are you addicted to Meth? The D.C. Crystal Meth Working Group

Mike Giallanza Could Face Criminal Charges after illegally evicting us army vet from home after governor of Colorado orders it illegal.

after Evicting US Army Vet During COVID-19 Pandemic

While scouring the web for latest news on COVID-19, I ran across this very disturbing news headline that a US Army vet was evicted from his home, not even being 30 days late midst the COVID-19 pandemic in Aurora Colorado. Included 5 minute video.

I’m a US Army Veteran & local Best for Colorado Green Business & after Gov Polis made the executive order ordering all Colorodoians in their home was evicted not even 30 days late after Square froze $14,000 of my business funds. I explained this to owner Mike & his only response, “rents still due, we will begin eviction proceedings through Arapahoe county courts. Which they did. After $1500 and growing air bnb, tremendous business damage, we are now filing suit exceeding for an amount exceeding $100,000 for illegally putting my life as the lives of over 10,000 customers in danger by forcing me out into the streets where I had to sleep in my Escalade two nights. We are additionally filing suit against home realty & managements legal defense who has the ethical bar requiring them to act In accordance with state & federal law. Additionally I am suing mike personally for mental damages after he taped with bright orange tape an eviction notice on a $550,000 home right across from a prominent stop sign. This personal suit will be in amount of $250,000.

Additionally backed by 4 groups & 295,000 people of Colorado will schedule legal protests for several weeks at the homes and offices of mike & all legal council. This will be filed with the Colorado court division in upcoming weeks proceeding the governors executive order that mike, Home Realty & management as well as all legal council have ignored.

Further we are working with gov polis to press criminal charges after his executive order was tastefully ignored & disregarded.

Further we have made full 1080p HD video of mike with presence of Aurora Police department available to the public as well as tweeted it to 20+ local Colorado news outlets, governor polis, president Trump, Colorado housing authority, national board of realtors & further contacted every site home realty & management advertises & has reviews on notifying them all sites still allowing home realty management to list will be included in my personally funded list to every American the names of every property management company who put veterans & Americans on the street during the COVID-19 pandemic. I further personally emailed governor Polis simply asking not for help but to never allow home realty management to operate in the housing market nor any other field servicing the general public. Home Realty and Management Reviews

Further will be placing a UCC LIEN with the state of Colorado for all expenses incurred while left homeless & trying to avoid infections while my company donates time to the state of Colorado in efforts to bring relief to those most impacted. This took away time from that & ive asked the state to file charges for this. I will not stand down as I’m a uS army infantry veteran who does not know the meaning of quit. I succeed at everything I set out to do. Now this is my #1 mission to my fellow veterans and fellow Colorado citizens. I will take the stand & home realty management will be made the example for any future bad landlords as governor polis called them on a national press release.

THS Lawfirm of Denver Colorado Represented Home Realty & Management in this eviction, a Lawfirm who previously publicly released the following statement informing landlords they should work with tenants.

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